Wednesday, 13 June 2007


The intention of this bog is to provide a commentary on the proceedings at the Sormont Assembly. By documenting how the Assembly is operating we will expose its thoroughly reactionary character. This is particularly important given the myths that have grown up around last assembly. Commentators and politicians have portrayed this period as some kind of golden age which succumbed to a dark period of direct rule. In fact the last Assembly and Executive were a sectarian bear pit and associated with some very regressive polices. For example, it was the last Executive that first raised the prospect of water charges. The current Assembly is likely to behave in a similar manner, and could possibly be even worse given the dominance of the DUP. This blog will stand as record of the rottenness of the political set up at Stormont. We hope that it will also serve stimulate debate on the left on the politics of the north. Our readers are therefore encouraged to comment on the posts than appear here.

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Anonymous said...

I note with interest the lack of comment on your articles and wonder is it because of a secure feeling of contentment with the "new" stormont or is it because of the surrealism of it all. McGuinness laughing his jolly little heart out at Paisley's little joke, ["no surrender and not an inch"]or the pictures in the local press of Junior, Catriona Ruane and Conor Murphy cycling down Stormont hill, legs akimbo, grinning inanely out at the populace while preparing us for the next round in the "privatisation process". To top it all a sectarian homophobe is placed in charge of equality! I don't even remember passing through the looking glass.